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Parent Information and Resources

Parent Forms

  1. Student Registration
  2. Application for Transportation Assistance
  3. Application for Boarding Assistance
  4. Boarding Assistance Tracking
  5. Parent Direct Electronic Funds Transfer form for Checking Account
  6. Cross Boundary Request
  7. Internet Acceptable Use Policy
  8. Photo Release
  9. School Fees for 2023/2024 (as per Board Policy #6750) 
  10. Criminal Record Check 
  11. Driver’s Record also known as Driver’s Abstract
    (Please choose the 5-year option)

Parent Information and Education Resources  

  1. All About the FSA - Information for Parents and Caregivers
  2. Raising Digitally Responsible Youth (downloadable pdf)
  3. Family Accident Insurance Plan: Introduction and Plan Details

Saltspring Island Catchment Boundaries Map

Download the map.(4 MB file)

Are you wondering what the District Parents Advisory Council is and does? Please check here.

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