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Joint Job Evaluation Committee

JJEC Manual

JJEC Maintenance Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Who sits on the Joint Job Evaluation Committee?

The committee consists of four representatives of the Union and up to four representatives of the Board. Resource persons may also be invited to meetings by either party by mutual agreement of the committee.

Who can request a review of a job description?

A review may be requested by either the employee or employer or it may be initiated by the JJEC.

Why would a job description be reviewed?

Reviews are initiated when:

  • the employer changes the duties and responsibilities of a job; OR
  • employee(s)/the Union feels the scope of a job has changed sufficiently that the job description does not reflect the duties and responsibilities of the position

The three Joint Job Evaluation Committee PDF forms can now be filled out online. Once finished you can save, print and deliver, or email your form to the Committee via D’Arcy Deacon

What’s the first step in having a job description reviewed?

Complete a Request for Job Review Form (Form One) and submit the request to the JJEC as per instructions on the form.

What is the process for reviewing a request?

The JJEC meets once a month. In determining whether a review is warranted, consideration is given to the information provided in context of:

  • the current job description to determine whether duties have significantly changed
  • when the job was last reviewed
  • how many incumbents are in the job
  • whether the particulars of an assignment have changed or the duties of the job
  • whether the duties of a particular position or all positions in the job classification have changed

What are the next steps in a job review?

If the JJEC determines a review is warranted you, all relevant incumbents and your supervisor will be asked to complete and submit a Job Review Questionnaire (Form Two). The JJEC may request that you complete Parts A through C of the questionnaire or complete Parts B & C only.

What does the JJEC do with the information in the Job Review Questionnaire?

The JJEC considers all the substantiating data provided in the questionnaire with reference to the duties of the job, as described in the existing job description. In determining reclassification of a job, the JJEC uses the five-factor system outlined in Schedule “B” of the CUPE Collective Agreement.

The JJEC then reviews and revises the job description as necessary to reflect any changes under the following headings:

  • Job Summary
  • Duties
  • Qualifications
  • Desired Assets
  • Classification (category & pay level)

Does the JJEC review employee performance when they review a job description?

No. It is the role of the JJEC to review the job and not an individual employee’s performance in that job.

Article 27 and Schedule “B” of the CUPE Collective Agreement provide additional information about job classification and the function of the Joint Job Evaluation Committee.

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