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Professional Learning

Professional learning encompasses Professional Development (Pro-D), Professional Growth (Pro-G), and Mentorship opportunities for teachers in SD64.

All teachers in the district, including TTOCs, are eligible to apply for up to $500 per year in each of the Professional Development and Professional Growth Individual programs. School or district groups may also apply for Pro-D and Pro-G funding. For both Pro-D and Pro-G, funding is available as long as the pools of money last.

Pro-D funds are generally used for individual events such as conferences and workshops, whereas Pro-G funds may be accessed in order to support long-term educational goals.

Terms and funding for Pro-D and Pro-G are set out in our Collective Agreement in Article F.20 Professional Development and Growth.

Professional Development

There are many opportunities for Professional Development in SD64, including individual, school, and district activities. Professional Development is coordinated by a Committee. The committee is responsible for setting policy, informing members of opportunities within our district, and planning the District Professional Development Day. We have five Professional Development Days assigned in our calendar: three school-based days, one provincial day, and the teacher planned District-wide Professional Development Day.

To apply for Pro-D funds, follow the steps below:

  1. Fill in the application form, including the ‘Estimated Expenses’ column, and send it to the Pro-D Fund Administrator via school mail, fax or email. Send the form at least two weeks before the event. The application form will be signed, given a number and sent back to you.
  2. Apply for TTOC coverage if needed. To do so, fill out a Leave of Absence form, noting the Pro-D event you wish to attend. Get the signatures of your school principal and the Pro-D fund administrator before you send the form to Dispatch at the School Board Office.
  3. After the event, complete the ‘Actual Amount’ column on the original form and return, original receipts attached, to the Pro-D Fund Administrator in hard copy via school mail. (Note that financial auditors will require a hard copy.) Please note the expense overview that is provided at the bottom of the form.

Professional Growth

Professional Growth is a joint undertaking by the Board and the Local to support teachers as they grow and develop professionally. The Professional Growth Committee is comprised of two GITA members, two trustees, and the Superintendent or designate as the Chairperson.

With growth as a definitional term, the fund supports teachers as they strive to reach their professional goals. While Pro-D funds are accessible for specific workshops or other contained professional learning activities, Pro-G funds support planned, long term goals.

To apply for Pro-Growth funds, follow the steps below:

  1. Fill in a Pro-Growth Application form and send it Lori Deacon at
  2. Note that TTOC costs are a part of the application and must be covered by the funds granted.
  3. The application will be considered by the Pro-Growth Committee. If approved, the application will be signed, given a number and sent back to the member. If it is not approved, the member will be given an explanation.
  4. Please note that there are up to three intakes during the year for Pro-G applications. The deadline for the first intake is October 1. A second and possibly a third intake will be announced if funds are still available.


Mentorship funding is designed to support teachers in classroom situations. Support can take the form of: help with emergent or ongoing management issues; guidance with specific pedagogical questions; or implementation of specific programs. The program is designed to provide direct short term mentorship opportunities on a personalized basis, so flexibility and choice are reflected in the application form.

List of all forms of mentorship within SD64

Professional Growth Mentorship

This mentorship program is an opportunity for teachers to work with a colleague. This is open to any teacher and consists of a mentor and mentee. Mentors receive up to two days release time and mentees one day. May be applied for any time of the year. This form of mentorship is funded through Pro-G.

To apply for mentorship:

  1. The mentee will fill out an application form. (form currently under revision Jan 20, 2021)
  2. Send to the Professional Development Chair; cc to Superintendent

New Teacher Mentoring Program

The mentorship program is for teachers in the district transitioning into the profession within their first five years of practice. Teachers who have more than five years’ experience are welcome to submit an application for consideration by the committee. The New Teacher Mentorship program is overseen by a district steering committee that includes members of the Gulf Islands Teachers’ Association, Principals and Vice Principals, and administration staff. The costs are covered by Pro-G, the District and the Local.

New Teacher Mentoring Program—Information and Application Forms

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