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Joint Health and Safety

District Joint Health and Safety Committee Representatives

Chair  Duane Little
RecorderTania Aguila
Trustees RepresentativeGregory Lucas
Principals and Vice-Principals Brenda Lepine
Trustees RepresentativeGregory Lucas
Managers RepresentativeColin Whyte
Student IncidentLyall Ruhlen
GITAAndrew McPhee
CUPE RepresentativeAmy Sandidge
Outer Islands Representative Angela Gray

Joint Health and Safety Committees

GISS JHSC : Stacey Mitchell, Angela Thomas, Stephani Rose, Jude Shugar    

SSE JHSC: Katherine Byers, Miia Vallencourt, Sue Ann Donaldson, Donna Kirkpatrick    

Fulford JHSC:  Marie Mullen, Ara Van Riel, Geoff Fast, Rebecca Nygard    

Joint Health and Safety Committee Representatives

PenderMargot Pendergast, Angie Gray, Bryce Woolcombe
SaturnaDarrin Lee, Allison Spear
MayneKaz Lundgreen, Blair Smith
GalianoBrenda Lepine , Michelle Fox, Cathryn Buttery
Plant ServicesDuane Little, Tony Copeland, Lisa Coles
Phoenix Elem.Dan Sparanese

Site Safety Representative Responsibilities

Site Inspection Forms (download Microsoft Excel file)

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