This show runs two nights only: January 13th and January 14th at ArtSpring Theatre 7:30 pm, $12




Here’s the Press Release:

The youth of the Gulf Islands Secondary School (GISS) are excited to present their semester’s work of dance! The show will offer new works of choreography from the GISS dance studio. Included in the show is a great new R&B duet to Drake’s “Hotline Bling” starring Vani Engel and Kathryn Walker and a large group piece to Adele’s new hit song “Hello” choreographed by a group of advanced dancers.

The eleven dedicated dancers in the GISPA program are also performing and will offer an exciting list of pieces. “Once Again” with music by Hang Massive is teacher Sonia Langer’s latest vehicle for teaching new vocabulary and offering a deeper understanding of the dynamics of swing and fall in the Limon aesthetic. “Existence” presents the GISPA group’s creation which depicts the emotional lifecycle of humanity as symbolized in the delicate cycle of an oak leaf. Taking inspiration from an ink and watercolour drawing by Rebecca Clark, the group worked together to create this mature work.

photos © John Cameron