It’s the Same but Different

The new website design contains all the content of the old site it replaces. The many improvements ‘under the hood’ make it possible to better serve site visitors using a wide range of computing devices.

Below is a brief look at some of the things that have changed:

1. Menus

Based on feedback from a June meeting, the menus have been reorganized to reflect changes made over the past few years. And a few pages have been reorganized into two or three new pages each. Take a minute to explore the menus at the top of the page and you’ll see for yourself.
You’ll notice too that as you scroll down a page, the menu follows along.

2. Search

Searching is also done from the menu; clicking on the ‘magnifying glass’ icon brings up a page-wide search bar:

3. Quick Links

This often requested feature is visible on all pages/posts with a ‘sidebar’ (a second column). But it can be evoked at any time by clicking on the ‘hamburger’ icon on the far right of the menu bar. Clicking on the icon opens a ‘side panel’. It’s particularly useful on pages/posts without a sidebar (like this one— try it now). Note that on some tablets and smaller devices like phones, the hamburger icon invokes the menu instead.

4. The Front Page

The front page of this new site highlights District news and initiatives, as well as program, school, and other learning. For example recent ‘Learning Stories’ gets a big visibility bump. Photos around the Gulf Islands are found via the dark green bar at the bottom of the front page, via the ‘District’ menu, or directly at this page.

It’s a Work in Progress

The new site was ‘soft-launched’ July 15, 2016. Over the summer break, adjustments were be made, new features were added and a few bugs were caught and released*.

* if you spot an problem, please report it using the link at the bottom of the ‘footer’ below.