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Professional Growth

The teaching profession is a dynamic one where professional practice and pedagogy are necessarily ever evolving. As a profession that has the welfare of children at its centre, practitioners need to be at the forefront of innovative thought and practice. Additionally, teachers need to find balance in their lives between the professional and personal in order to be able to be physically and emotionally balanced. In order to support both professional growth and personal well-being, Pro-Growth funds are available to all GITA members.

The Professional Growth Fund was created as a joint undertaking by the Board and the Local to support teachers as they grow and develop professionally (see GITA contract Sec. F, Article F.20). The district website specifies the various categories of funding as well as information about the fund itself. Funding will cover, within specified parameters: LOAs; registration costs; most professional resource materials; travel, accommodation and related costs when attending workshops/conferences; release time for consultation/collaboration/observation with/of colleagues; some facilitator costs; and other costs accepted as relevant by the Pro-Growth Committee.

With growth as a definitional term, the fund supports teachers as they grow and develop over time to reach their professional goals. It can be viewed as long-term, directed growth based on specified goals. While Pro-D funds are accessible for specific workshops or other contained professional learning activities, Pro-G funds are directed towards funding thoughtful, planned, long term goals.

The Professional Growth Committee encourages teachers in SD#64 to apply for funding that will help them to develop their skills, and that will ultimately help their students develop as engaged and enthusiastic life-long learners.

In order to apply for funding, please check the SD64 website under ‘Pro-Growth’ for the different categories of funding as well as the protocol for applications. In October the Pro-Growth Committee meets to review and approve applications. A second submission date in February is possible if funds are available. The committee is comprised of two GITA members, two trustees, the superintendent or designate as the Chairperson. The chairperson organizes the application procedures but does not have a vote when discussing applications.

Please email applications to
Please note that this email address is used only to receive pro-growth applications and year end summaries and goal sheets. If you have questions, please contact Keiko Taylor or Marie Mullen.

Professional Growth Plan

The Professional Growth Plan, which is required under most Pro-G funding categories, is key to directing professional planning and goal-setting. It requires teachers to reflect on their practice, their strengths, areas of inquiry and current foci and goals so that they can develop long term goals that will optimize their students’ learning.

Goals should be defined in ‘big picture’ terms with specific actions that support the goal specified. For example, the overall goal might be “To become more versed in personalized learning precepts”, and specific actions might include: professional reading and workshops on various topics connected to personalizing; the 3 R’s and their place in a learner-centred day; the competencies- critical thinking, problem-solving, collaborating, creative thinking, etc; how structural change might support pedagogical change; assessment practices; project-based learning; inquiry projects… If the goals are short term ones, it’s best to apply to Pro-D for funding.


Mentorship funding is designed to support teachers in classroom situations. Support can take the form of: help with emergent or on-going management issues; guidance with specific pedagogical questions; or implementation of specific programs. The program is designed to provide direct short term mentorship opportunities on a personalized basis, so flexibility and choice are reflected in the application form.

For new teacher mentoring, please refer to the New Teacher Mentoring Program.

Other Professional Growth Forms

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