Living on an Island Surrounded by the Sea


While looking at local biodiversity at Medicine Beach the spark of excitement and curiosity began. My students extensively explored the beach with buckets and field guides in hand. The sharing and identification was declared, debated, and proved. They collected and identified different species of seaweed, shellfish, eels, and other inhabitants. They noted the birds flying over head and eating in the intertidal zone. They had a lust and passion that was inspiring.

I took their excitement and extended it into a cross curricular unit that included writing, art, public speaking, and science. Then a competition was announced and we created this video to show all our hard work and excitement about the sea.

Some students were challenged by the artwork, some were terrified by the recording of their poetry, but they were all willing to move beyond their comfort zone to create a dynamic collection to present to Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre.

We entered the competition and waited. We waited for what felt like an eternity… And today we found out that we won first prize in the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre’s beach day competition.

—Kaz Lundgren, Teacher, Grade 2/3, Pender

Here’s the video they produced:

*If you are having trouble seeing the video above, try this link