About one hundred people attended Math Night on the evening of Tuesday, April 26th. Mathematicians young and old came together in the multipurpose room at GISS to engage in mathematics, explore puzzles and experience some hands on mathematics. Richard Hoshino, a professor at Quest University in Squamish, was on hand to share stories of how his students are exploring the technique of reformulating hard real-world problems into simpler equivalent math problems. Richard brought this technique to life in the demonstration of the leap frog problem: how to swap girls at one end of a line with the boys at the other end of the line, without having to move anyone backwards. Audience participation helped to solve the problem, and Richard helped us work towards a solution by having us consider simpler stages of the problem. There were lots to do for everyone, and one young attendee had so much fun he was hoping to come back the next night.

Math Night at GISS (John Cameron)

Math Games Night (John Cameron)




Story: Sue Robinson

John Cameron (#1-#3)
Janet Hoag (#4-#7)