The 2012-2013 Students’ Council at Gulf Islands Secondary has started off with a bang. Members of the council have hosted, organized and attended a plethora of events ranging from hosting Tony Little, Headmaster of Eton College, to attending conferences in Vancouver discussing educational change. But perhaps the most unique of the Council’s projects is the new role they are playing with the Salt Spring Forum.

The Salt Spring Forum recently announced the need for a full-time executive director. Up for the challenge, Student Council stepped up in a new partnership with the Forum. Organizing events, hosting talks and promoting speakers, the Students’ Council is now affecting the community in an entirely new way.

GISS Student Council in the North Wing
Over the course of the school year, the Council plans to continue working with the Salt Spring Forum, aiding in the choosing of new speakers and hosting public events for the student body and community to participate in. It has certainly been a successful first few months of what is sure to continue to be a fantastic partnership.