The Galiano School community recently invited Mayne students to join in a fun day. Above, the day started with a performance—an aboriginal story titled Raven Meets Monkey.

The performance was followed by a cooperative introductory activity which involved passing a hoop around an unbroken chain of students, staff and parents. Each person said their name when the hoop reached them and the entire group greeted that person.

Galiano School 11

Galiano School 1

Galiano School 10

Galiano School 9

Galiano School 8

Unfortunately I had to catch the ferry before the outdoor fun started!
Below, are a few snapshots around the school taken before the school day started:

Gailano School 7

Galiano School 2

Galiano School 3

Gailano School 4

Gailano School 5

Gailano School 6

photos: John Cameron