Robert Pingle
Salt Spring ph (250) 537-6292
May McKenzie
Vice Chair
Mayne ph (250) 539-2530
Susanne Middleditch Saturna ph (250) 539-2984
fax (250) 539-2984
Anna Herlitz Penders ph (250) 629-6773
Shelley Lawson Galiano ph (250) 539-0058
Nancy Macdonald Salt Spring ph (250) 653-4534
John Wakefield Salt Spring ph (250) 537-4624

Roles and Responsibilities

Gulf Island residents elect the Gulf Islands School Board, a group of seven trustees, at large every four years. The community elects the board to represent them in the conduct of public education, and to exercise their judgment in setting policies and making decisions.

The School Act is the provincial legislation that defines the powers and duties of school boards, and the duties, rights and responsibilities of other partners in the public education community, including students, parents, teachers, principals and members of the community. The provincial Ministry of Education has responsibility for public education in British Columbia, sets the basic curriculum and provides the school district’s funding.

The board establishes advisory committees to consult with a variety of partners, and makes decisions on the basis of clear educational philosophy and goals in keeping with the board’s Mission Statements.

School Board committees and their trustee members