School District 64 is made up of the five island communities in the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia. The Gulf Islands enjoy Canada’s mildest climate with cool wet winters and warm dry summers. The area is home to large numbers of artists, trees, marine life and spectacular scenery.

Salt Spring Island ©
Ganges Harbour, on Salt Spring Island with views to the other Southern Gulf Islands

The Gulf Islands School District has eleven schools, six of which are on Salt Spring Island. The School Board office is located in Ganges, also on Salt Spring.

Just over 600 students attend Gulf Islands Secondary, the District’s largest school. The school houses a large International Education Program and the Gulf Islands School of Performing Arts. The other schools are smaller, one with as few as 6 to 12 students.

The courtyard of the GISS Campus
A courtyard at the Gulf Islands Secondary School campus.

District Documents

SD64 Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

The Framework for Enhancing Student Learning is available in PDF format.

Ministry Information about Student Assessment Changes for 2016/2017

Three documents from the Ministry of Education are available about graduation and assessment:

  1. 2016/2017 Provincial Assessment Chart
  2. Letter to Parents
  3. Letter to Teachers

Superintendent’s Report on Student Achievement

The January 2015 report by Superintendent Lisa Halstead.

Achievement Contract

(District Commitment to Student Learning: 2014-2017)
The complete District Achievement Contract is available in PDF format.

For convenience, the District Goals are listed here:
All students are progressing toward greater competency in foundation skills.
All students experience a successful transition from school to their adult lives.

To pursue the goals of the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement district-wide.

District Literacy