Under the Rainbow

“The Gulf Islands School of Performing Arts (GISPA) proudly presents Under the Rainbow. Inspired by the classic stories known to many as The Wizard of Oz and influenced by the turmoil of Judy Garland’s life, Under the Rainbow upholds GISPA’s signature fusion of music, dance, and theatre. Featuring unique choreography, composition and ensemble acting, Under the Rainbow is not to be missed.

As Dorothy Gale is swept up in a cyclone, forced away from home, sent down the yellow brick road, introduced to life changing companions, pulled into dark woods, and then eventually finds the Emerald City, Judy Garland experiences a similar story. Swept up in the cyclone of showbiz, forced away from home, sent down a winding road of self discovery, introduced to life changing peers, pulled into dark times, Judy eventually finds herself in the facade known to many as fame.

These talented GISPA students have collectively created, composed, choreographed and developed Under the Rainbow under the direction of Bruce Smith (music), Sonia Langer (dance) and Jason Donaldson (theatre). Join us as we tell a story of fame, friendship, accomplishment, manipulation and a lost childhood that one can never reclaim.”

Photos: John Cameron

GISPA performers: below is the link to raw, unedited images from the Tech/Dress Rehearsal for your personal use. It’s been a exceptional experience working with you. Keep reaching for the stars!


One more thing: This year’s performer portraits for ArtSpring Lobby Display. The images have been processed to reflect a photo of Judy Garland who starred in The Wizard of Oz in 1939 when she was just 17 years young. The average age of the GISPA performers!