“The Gulf Islands SD64 proposal for additional transportation funding has recently been approved,” noted Rod Scotvold, School District 64 Secretary Treasurer. “This funding fills a gap that has grown over the years because of the high transportation costs in our district, and the costs of supporting a number of small schools.”

The funds will be added to the regular funding for the 2016-17 school year, and are anticipated to continue into future years.

8:30 a.m. The Graduate brings students from Saturna and Pender Islands to Ganges
8:30 a.m. The Graduate brings students from Saturna and Pender Islands to Ganges

Additional resources will:

  • Increase the boarding allowance for non-Salt Spring students from $300 to $350 / month,
  • Support additional inter-island transportation,
  • Provide additional transportation supervision by educational assistants,
  • Supplement the current allocation for transport assistance,
  • Extend bus service, and
  • Fund water taxi service for overflow, and for programs that connects students across our islands.

“In addition to supporting transportation needs, this supplemental transportation funding provides relief in a number of areas,” added Cindy Rodgers, Finance Manager for the district. “In our proposal we successfully made the case for putting money back in the classroom to fill gaps that have emerged over time because of our need to fund the district’s growing transportation expenditures.”

The Transportation Proposal was approved by the Gulf Islands School District 64 Board of Trustees at the regularly scheduled meeting in November.

Doug Livingston
Director of Instruction – Learning Services