The Saturna Ecological Education Centre (SEEC) is an experiential, place-based ecological learning centre on beautiful Saturna Island, British Columbia, providing a 2018-2019 academic outdoor course program of 32 credits at the grade 10-11 level.

Above is a picture of the SEEC cookhouse and classroom at ‘Haggis Hollow’.

During the full school year, our high school students live and learn in little cabins within the alder forest of Haggis Farm. This unique, locally-designed facility is totally off-the-grid and powered by our own micro-hydro and solar power systems. It features two six-bunk cabins (one for each gender), one four-bunk cabin, washroom huts, showers, caretaker’s accommodation and a multi-purpose building that serves as a kitchen, dining hall, classroom and meeting area. Our students learn how to live and work together over a 3 day school program from 8:30 to 5:30 either at the Hallow, around the island of Saturna or the classroom at the rural school. They look after the Hallow and take responsibility for their own comforts and needs by chopping wood, making fires in the wood stove, cooking, cleaning, maintaining the facilities and working on legacy projects that add new features to the Hollow; such as our rope challenge course, disc golf course, brick walkways, rock garden patio and collection of twenty mountain bikes.

For further information and how to apply, please visit our website.