The Board has developed the following draft of a SD64 (Gulf Islands) Strategic Plan for 2016 to 2019 and welcomes your feedback. Please read the Plan below (or download a PDF version here) then answer the four questions at the bottom of this page.

Igniting a passion for learning – inspire, integrate, involve

Providing learners with diverse and engaging opportunities leading to a future of fulfillment, joy and purpose

We place students at the heart of our work through:

  • Trust – we act with integrity; we are open and honest in our communication with one another
  • Responsibility – we are accountable for our actions; we support positive change, continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence
  • Opportunity – we provide dynamic and safe learning environments for all learners
  • Sustainability – we honour interdependence with each other, our communities and our environment
  • Collaboration – we promote meaningful interactions, a sense of belonging and equitable access by working together in cooperation

Strategic Goal 1 – Inspire Learning

Provide learning environments where all students flourish

Objective 1.1
Engage students in relevant and inspiring experiences that promote curiosity, the acquisition of foundational skills, and a life-long love of learning.

  • Ensure meaningful and effective planning for continuous improvement through the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning
  • Enhance and expand methods of instruction and assessment practices that promote success and well-being for all learners
  • Review evidence of program success on a regular basis

Objective 1.2
Promote teaching and learning environments that incorporate innovative practices, personalized learning, inquiry-based approaches and aboriginal ways of knowing.

  • Enhance and expand professional growth opportunities
  • Ensure a balance of opportunities and programs by monitoring enrolment, impacts, access and sustainability
  • Enhance learning through accessible and appropriate technology
  • Review, implement and monitor school and district educational improvement plans including the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement
  • Co-create and share the concept and meaning of personalized learning through community engagement processes

Strategic Goal 2 – Integrate Sustainability

Promote and facilitate sustainable practices throughout the district

Objective 2.1
Ensure the development of a healthy and stable financial environment.

  • Monitor/review district finances on an ongoing timely and systematic basis
  • Optimize the digitization of business functions
  • Keep informed of emerging trends and opportunities

Objective 2.2
Build and sustain a vibrant employee community.

  • Engage in leadership development at all levels
  • Expand training, coaching and mentorship opportunities
  • Ensure active succession planning
  • Promote and support employee wellness

Objective 2.3
Maintain and improve the overall environment.

  • Provide a healthy, welcoming and safe environment
  • Encourage individual responsibility to sense of place
  • Utilize resources in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner

Objective 2.4
Promote best practices in governance and leadership.

  • Engage in a modernization of Board processes by reviewing committee mandates, policy development and bylaw implementation
  • Develop and implement regular Board and Superintendent professional growth processes and conduct performance reviews for both parties
  • Create a Board competency matrix and conduct a needs assessment
  • Establish a formal risk management framework to ensure proper risk mitigation

Strategic Goal 3 – Involve Community

Enhance learning by connecting students, staff, and families with the local and global community

Objective 3.1
Cultivate connections that support students taking greater ownership of their learning.

  • Support the creation and optimization of sense of place through inter-island, inter-school, and inter-agency collaborations
  • Provide opportunities for students to connect with the greater community

Objective 3.2
Engage families and community in student learning.

  • Develop a plan for consistent communication of district learning opportunities
  • Strengthen public consultation and partnerships

Objective 3.3
Celebrate and promote contributions and achievements.

  • Recognize and value the contributions of our students, staff, schools and community partners
  • Promote district attributes locally and beyond the Gulf Islands

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