Each month school trustees provide focused reports at the monthly school board meeting about work at each Gulf Islands school. The reports relate to actions at each school that align with one of the objectives found in the School Board’s Strategic Plan (2016-19).

During the month of May the trustees’ reported actions that “Enhance and expand methods of instruction and assessment practices that promote success for all learners” (Strategic Plan Objective 1.1 Action 3). For example at Phoenix Elementary School and other elementary schools reports centred around the role that student-led conferences played in engaging students in learning and their own goal-setting for learning. The GISS report highlighted the introduction to students’ reflecting on developing competencies in the Real9 program, and the SIMS report also references the growth in student competencies related to students engaging in self-assessment and conversations about their own work.

To read reports for each of our schools, click here.

Moving forward, monthly reports can be found within the minutes of each regularly scheduled public board meeting: found here.

In March 2017 trustee reports focused on:
Strategic Plan Objective 1.1 Action 1: Instill practices that support students’ physical, social, emotional and mental health, safety and well-being. The reports begin on page 2 of the Minutes.

In April 2017 trustee reports focused on:
Strategic Plan Objective 2.1 Action 1: Develop a sense of place though ecological literacy. These can be found in the April Board Meeting minutes and are also featured in the June edition of the Gulf Islands Centre for Ecological Literacy (GICEL) newsletter feature beginning on page 4.

The reports begin on page 1 of the Minutes. You can check back each month for the latest reports.