About 200 attended Gulf Islands School District 64’s “Framework Day” on September 23, 2016. Participants included teachers, parents, educational and admin assistants, school board members and school and district administrators. The focus was the re-shaping of the school planning process to better reflect students’ learning needs and the goals and processes of the redesigned curriculum. The day began with a welcome from May McKenzie, SD64 Board Chair and other partner representatives.

“The role of the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning is to help all education partners know the strengths of our schools and districts, and what can be done to further enhance student learning within each local context,” stated Dean Goodman, Director for Accountability for the BC Ministry of Education in his morning presentation to the group.

“It’s important to bring all of our partners to the table as we align new processes and prioritize our work for each school and the district,” added Lisa Halstead, Superintendent of Schools for the Gulf Island District.

Prior to schools and partner groups gathering to work on site planning, Maureen Dockendorf, BC Superintendent for Early Learning, provided an overview. “The redesigned curriculum is built on the wishes of BC citizens and the research about best performing schools and classrooms.” Maureen went on to claim that, “one of the best parts is that it has been created by BC teachers.”

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