On Friday, January 15 Mayne Island hosted Meredith Keery from POPFASD (Provincial Outreach Program for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) for an outstanding learning opportunity! The workshop was attended by staff from Mayne, Galiano and other teachers from Gulf Islands schools.

What I liked most was, “the opportunity to work with colleagues (team members) on a student plan using the LEIC (Learner Environment Instruction Curriculum) tool” noted one participant in the post-workshop survey.

The workshop balanced current research, practical and real-life examples with strategically effective tools that participants engaged with in their school teams. Though the workshop was presented with a FASD background, its’ focus was on complex learners.

As we know, most strategies that are good for one student, are good for many, if not all. That was the case with the strategies and tools Meredith shared. It was a full, fun learning and sharing experience for all! A participant expressed appreciation for, “the practical/doable strategies to work with kids of all ages in the educational system”.

For more information about POPFASD and/or complex learners, contact the district partners: Cathy Walker or Marine McDonnell.

Thank you to Margo Cullen, Mayne Principal, for the write-up and to Cathy and Marine for the photos:


Grade 12 Biology Final Projects

Last week, a story was posted on “Learning Links” about Stacey Mitchell’s Biology 12 class presenting to grade 4 and 5 students for their final senior biology project. The younger students assessed and provided feedback about the projects, and were very engaged in the presentations. As one of the senior’s mentioned to me, students were able to make choices about the theme and how it would be presented and will remember this experience as a highlight of their schooling. If you missed this story, follow this link for more. Thanks Stacey for sharing this.