Over 140 Socials 9 and 10 students from GISS viewed and assessed a primary source exhibit called ‘The Uprooting’. The collection was assembled last year for the 75th Anniversary of the Japanese Internment and provides a pictorial timeline of Japanese culture and life on the west coast with an emphasis on Salt Spring Island families. We would like to thank the Japanese Historical Society as well as Salt Spring Archives for lending these sources to us for the day. Students wore white gloves, as real historians would when handling artifacts, and truly engaged with this important story.

Math Playground
Students from GISS Grade 9 Mathématiques class welcomed their French Immersion buddies from SIMS for a morning of engaged Math playground.

MLA Letters
After attending and viewing Question Period at the Victoria Legislature, Grade 10 Socials students wrote to their local MLA to comment on the oppositional and non-productive nature of the legislative session. They also suggested various methods through which members of the legislature could improve their communication and collaboration skills during these important sessions.

Story and Photos: Louise Doucet