Journey To The West

  • What: ​Acting 11/12’s, semester one, final production
  • Who: ​Gulf Islands Secondary School’s 2nd Story Theatre
  • Where: ​*ArtSpring Theatre: Thursday January 9th and Friday January 10th at 7:30pm – $10

Tickets are available through the ArtSpring Box office.

Journey To The West is a Chinese classic written in the early fifteenth century, adapted and performed by our Acting 11/12 class.

Journey To The West takes place in Ancient China, and eventually takes the audience to Ancient India. We get to see Buddhist temples, small fishing villages, The Court of Heaven, and the much more. It is a play centering around the relationship of mind and body, and how one reaches their destiny.

Featuring sneaky monkeys, wise monks, greedy pigs, kind Bodhisattvas, and the Tathagatta Buddha himself, this play will leave you, perhaps, almost as enlightened as the Buddhist monks themselves! A performance you won’t want to miss!