March 14, 2018 Letter from the Board of Education:

Consideration of Revised Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

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In 2016 the Board of Education for School District 64 (Gulf Islands) adopted a strategic plan, which includes goal 2.4 “to promote best practices in governance and leadership”.

To work towards achieving this goal, the Board set to engage in a modernization of Board processes by reviewing committee mandates, policy development and bylaw implementation. In June 2016 the Board explored the feasibility of contracting services to review district bylaws, policies and procedures. A consultant was contracted to facilitate the project in September 2016.

The Board and policy committee have been working since that time to ensure its bylaws, policies and procedures are concise, consistent, comprehensive, necessary and up to date with best practices, laws, regulations and orders.

The draft package also includes a revised committee structure, vision, mission, values and strategic planning.

The Board is ultimately responsible for all district policy, which is divided into three areas:

  1. Governance policies and procedures articulate and define important objectives, principles or values; and to define roles, responsibilities and authority.
  2. Bylaws set out the specific rules, not covered by legislation, by which the Board will be governed. (Bylaws are also legally required for budgets, capital projects, disposal of lands and school closures, but these specific bylaws are not presented as part of district policy).
  3. Administrative policies and procedures are operational in nature and allow for consistent and effective operations in an organization or a department.

The Board welcomes feedback on the drafts, with a deadline for submissions on May 9, 2018. Opportunities to provide feedback include:

  1. Via the feedback form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Individual submissions addressed to the Board of Education, through Dawne Fennell, Executive Assistant
  3. Request delegation at policy committee meetings (April 25) or Board meetings (April 11, May 9)




  1. About School District No. 64 (Gulf Islands) Bylaws, Policies and Procedures


  1. Election Procedures
  2. Procedural
  3. Appeal Process

Governance Policies and Procedures

Section 100 Philosophy/Governance
100 Mission, Values, Commitments and Goals Policy | Procedure
105 Governance and Administration Policy | Procedure
107 Trustee Code of Conduct Policy | Procedure
108 Conflict of Interest: Employees and Trustees Policy
110 Meeting Procedures and Ceremonial Protocols Policy | Procedure
111 Representation at Board Meetings Policy | Procedure
115 Election to Board Positions Policy | Procedure
120 Board Committees Policy | Procedure
130 Access to Information Policy | Procedure
131 Personal Information and Privacy Policy | Procedure
132 Public Interest Disclosure/Whistleblower Protection Policy | Procedure
133 Addressing Concerns Policy | Procedure
133-1 Notice of Appeal Form
135 Policy Development and Implementation Policy | Procedure
135-1 Policy Development and Implementation Form
135-2 Policy/Procedure Impact Worksheet Form
140 Partnerships Policy | Procedure
Section 200 Learning and Working Environment
200 Learning and Working Environment Policy
203 Property Control Policy | Procedure
205 Maintenance of Order Policy | Procedure
205-1 Record of Exclusion Form
210 Codes of Conduct Policy | Procedure
212 Violence and Harassment-free District Policy | Procedure
215 Diversity Policy | Procedure
220 Information Systems: Acceptable Use and Protection of
Policy | Procedure
220-1 Information Systems: Acceptable Use and Privacy Protection Form
220-2 Photo Release Form


Section 300 Health and Safety
300 Health and Safety Policy | Procedure
303 Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures Policy
Section 400 Students
400 Student Behaviour and Discipline Policy | Procedure
402 Student Restraint and Seclusion Policy | Procedure
407 Student Supervision Policy | Procedure
410 Student Transportation Policy | Procedure
410-1 Student Transportation by Water Taxi Form
412 Student Travel: Educational Field Trips Policy | Procedure
412-1 Volunteer Drivers Application/Authorization Form
420 Student Interviews by Outside Agencies Policy | Procedure
430 Student Records Policy | Procedure
Section 500 Learning
500 Planning for Learning Policy
510 Selection and Challenge of Learning Resources Policy | Procedure
510-1 Inquiry Into the Suitability of a Learning Resource Form
512 Independent Directed Study & Board Authorized Courses Policy
520 Learning Services Policy
525 Attendance Areas Policy | Procedure
525-1 Cross-Boundary Request Form
530 Aboriginal Education Policy
575 School Calendar Policy
Section 600 Finances and Facilities
600 Financial Practices Policy
605 Annual Budget Policy
606 Budget Monitoring and Reporting Policy
610 Accumulated Operating Surplus Policy Policy
615 Disposal of Equipment Policy | Procedure
616 Disposal of Land or Improvements Policy | Procedure
630 Education Trust Fund Policy | Procedure
635 Permanent School Closure Policy | Procedure


Administrative Policies and Procedures

Section 3000 Health and Safety
3050 Emergency Management and Response Policy | Procedure
3050-1 Student Release- Information Form Form
3050-2 Student Release – Action Form Form
3051 Fire Management and Response Policy | Procedure
3052 Earthquake Management and Response Policy | Procedure
3053 Critical Incident Management and Response Policy | Procedure
3054 Search and Seizure Policy | Procedure
3055 Weapons and Dangerous Objects Policy | Procedure
3056 Unwelcome Visitors/Intruders Policy | Procedure
3060 Emergency School Closures Policy | Procedure
3100 Intoxicating and Controlled Substances Policy | Procedure
3120 Communicable Diseases Policy | Procedure
3150 Severe Allergies/Anaphylaxis Policy | Procedure
3150-1 Severe Allergies/ Anaphylaxis Action Form Form
3550 First Aid and Accident Reports Policy | Procedure
3650 Monitoring for the Safety and Security of People and Property Policy | Procedure
3700 School Pest Management Policy | Procedure
3800 Animals in the Classroom Policy | Procedure
3850 Pediculosis (Head Lice) Policy
Section 4000 Students
4250 Student Medical Care Plan and Medication Policy | Procedure
4260 Student Illness/Injury Policy | Procedure
Section 5000 Learning
5350 International Education Policy | Procedure
5400 Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards Policy | Procedure
5700 Flexible Learning Programs Policy | Procedure
Section 6000 Purchasing and Tendering
6200 Purchasing and Tendering Policy | Procedure
6450 School-Generated Funds Policy | Procedure
6480 School Petty Cash Funds Policy
6500 Travel Expenses Policy | Procedure
6550 Trustee Remuneration and Expenses Policy
6700 Student Financial Assistance Policy
6750 School Fees Policy | Procedure
6850 Public Use of School Facilities/Joint Use Policy | Procedure
6850-1 Schedule of Fees, Facility Use Form
6850-2 Pender Islands Activity Centre – Fee Schedule Form
6850-3 Application for Use of the District Board Room Form
6900 Outdoor Play Areas Policy | Procedure



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