You may ask why does coaching matter in the context of learning in our schools? Coaching supports individuals to focus and change their own behaviors, which alone has value. Coaching skills, modelled by adults, are exactly the skills that students can use to solve their own issues and problems and perhaps most importantly, when adults become less prescriptive in their attitudes then students have the opportunity to feel more in charge of their learning (and their lives).


Coaching is a way of being in relationship. Fundamentally coaching is a focused conversation designed to support and clarify choices and to move action forward. A coaching conversation can be identified as being based on respect, openness, deep listening, thoughtful questioning and confidentiality. What a great conversation to take part in!


When you are a part of a coaching conversation you are not trying to fix anyone else’s problems. As the “coach” you are listening deeply, asking open-ended questions and moving the conversation to action; as the person being coached you are benefitting from the reflective thinking that questions can provoke, hopefully gaining insight into your own motivations, and preparing for action based on a plan of your own making.

In SD64 we have been consciously creating a coaching culture since 2009. Check out District Initiatives for an overview of our district’s coaching initiative. If you have any questions about the initiative, contact Linda Underwood .

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein