Museum Trip


Seventeen Japanese students travel with International Education Program Administrator, Scott Bergstrome to the Royal BC Museum in Victoria. Photo by SD64 bus driver and photographer Rick Neufeld

GISPA warms up for another year of Collective Creation


The GISPA (Gulf Islands School of Performing Arts) students and teachers worked together as a whole group for the first time this week. GISPA students create and perform an original full length production each spring. They collectively create every part of the production including story, acting, dance and music. Find out more at the GISPA … Read More

Salt Spring Elementary Kites


SSE launches new school-wide theme: Sky At Salt Spring Elementary School, kites were constructed, decorated and enthusiastically enjoyed on a stellar September afternoon.

Grad Twenty Thirteen


The Grad Class of Twenty Thirteen started the school year with energy and creativity. Students and staff had to travel through the front of the castle to enter GISS, and were warmly greated by the ‘royalty’ of 2013.