Communicating Student Learning Forum – May 5


The SD64 K-12 Innovation Partnership — a Postscript With just two months remaining in the second year of BC’s K-12 Innovation Partnership project, about 25 educators from Gulf Islands schools gathered for a project review. The May 5th review was about the Communicating Student Learning initiative with our focus on enhancing student ownership of learning … Read More

Rammed Earth Garden Project


How did the Rammed Earth project at SSE come about?   The Hillside Garden project at Salt Spring Elementary School is coordinated by the SSE PAC Garden Committee, a group led by about eight parents with five teachers involved. The group is focused on helping expand outdoor gardening opportunities at SSE. Transformation of the hillside … Read More

GISS Improv, National Champions


The Canadian Improv Games are a national theatre competition that started in Ottawa in 1977. Over the years a number of notable Canadian performers have got their start on the CIG stage including Sandra Oh, Seth Rogan, Alanis Morissette and Tatiana Maslany. Having started in 1977 means that this year is the Fortieth Anniversary for … Read More

Improv at ArtSpring


Last night’s GISS IMPROV show was a classic with GISS Seniors (heading to Ottawa for the Nationals) and Juniors. During the show a number of Improv ‘alumni’ were called onstage to join in the hilarity. View 100 (unedited) images from the show here. Performers may use the images for their personal use. photos: John Cameron

Time to Teach, Time for Tech: Part Two


The first networked elementary computer lab in British Columbia was located at Fernwood School in the late 1980s where students were fully engaged programming with Logo and Hypercard in problem solving situations. Students worked in small groups with advanced concepts like recursion—which most adults would find challenging. Skip to 2017 and we see engagement, problem-solving … Read More