2017-2018 Photos:

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Submitting a Photo:

We’re looking for photos which highlight our learners, our schools and our environment. We’re looking for photos which tell a story and give website visitors a glimpse into some of the great things that happen in the Gulf Islands School District. Things most people don’t get a chance to see.

We’re looking for technically good images. Images that are clear, crisp and thoughtfully composed and have an obvious main subject. Schools are difficult places to photograph, particularly indoors and particularly with a phone. Here are some suggestions for getting the best possible image in an education setting: Photography Tips for SD64 Schools

We’re looking for the ONE BEST IMAGE you have of a situation or event. Please send the original image at full resolution. We’ll make it look its best on the website.

We need a short caption and your name. (both will appear when the user’s cursor hovers over the image) Note: SD64 does not publish a student’s name in conjunction with a photo in which the student appears.

SD64 Staff, click here to email your image.