• Gulf Islands School District Summer Break 2016
  • Galiano Island
  • Mayne Island
  • Pender Island
  • Salt Spring Island
  • Saturna Island

Summer in the Gulf Islands (can you identify the five islands from these photos?)

NEWS:The District website will be under construction this summer from July 15 to August 12

NEWS: Year End Learning Stories from the Gulf Islands School District: continue reading...

NEWS: Classes resume September 6, 2016 (2016-2017 Instructional Calendar)

A Lens on Student Reporting at Salt Spring Elementary


"To find out more about the K-12 Innovation Project this year I sat down to have a conversation with Shelly Johnson, Principal at Salt Spring Elementary. Shelly is a member of the Steering Committee for this year’s K-12 Innovation Partnership focusing on 'Communicating Student Learning'
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